How marijuana works on your body and mind

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Marijuana, also known as cannabis or weed is a fusion of dried flowers. This is infused in the body through various means. Some people prefer to smoke marijuana while some choose to eat it. It can also be injected however smoking is a predominant choice. Marijuana is also used for medicinal purposes catering to its benefits; on the other hand, it is majorly used as a drug which has harmful impacts. These are brought about by an intoxicating chemical in marijuana called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Smoking leads to the release of THC, which is further absorbed into the bloodstream. The harmful effects of marijuana on mind and body can be seen as below:


On mind:

Depending upon the quantity and medium of intake, marijuana leads to a sense of feeling of euphoria. If the intake is through smoking, the sensation is immediate.  A person having marijuana immediately feels a sense of relaxation. This alters the state of mind wherein visions appear blurred and noises may be perceived to be louder. Other impacts include:

1] Anxiety - Having marijuana causes anxiety, however, when one is deprived of its consumption, the anxiety issues are more.

2] Short–term memory issues – The addicted person has trouble remembering and recollecting events that happened in past even if it was immediate.

3] Sedation – This drug promotes a sense of calmness which might also lead to sleep

4] Pain Relief – This impact is used as a benefit in terms of the composition of medicines.

5] Paranoia or feeling panic – In case of being deprived of the consumption of marijuana, the addict is in a panicky state.

6] Hallucination – Because of chemicals included in marijuana, a person feels and sees things which are not present.

7] Concentration problems – Concentration issues also involve the inability to perform co-ordination related tasks.



Marijuana causes major respiratory problems. It also causes the production of a regular cough. This drug has severe impacts on the lungs as it may cause lung infections, bronchitis as well as chest illness. Heavy marijuana intake enhances the risk of lung cancer. Studies have also shown that people consuming this drug are more likely to develop heart failure. In the case of women, it disturbs menstrual cycles and in the case of men, it causes a reduction of sperm production. It also causes irritability and anxiety.


As per observations, teens are mostly found to be addicts of marijuana. However, it is necessary to realize and accept that time being pleasure brought about by marijuana and other drugs would lead to severe long term effects. These ill effects can cost one his or her life. Hence, you should say no to drugs.


Written by –

Padma Lekhi