Tips & Tricks to feed medicine to Kids

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Kids are wonderful creatures of being in every aspect. However, every parent knows the pain behind the terrible task of feeding medicines to kids. Amid worry for curing the baby of the suffered health disorder and disease, the tantrums put up by them just seem an unpleasant experience. However, this agony can be resolved through the tricks and measures mentioned below:


1] Numb The Taste Buds:

Before giving medicines to a baby, parents are recommended to feed ice pieces to the baby. This helps to numb the taste buds as a result of which the medicines are discerned to be bitter. Also, it provides a chilled sensation before the bitter one. However, the ice cubes are to be given in small chips so that they don’t choke.


2] Add Flavours:

The liquid or crushed state of medicine makes it better for kids to have them gulp it down. Hence, nearby pharmacies give medicine friendly flavours or flavour enhancers in a liquid state such as watermelon, grape, banana, etc. This alters the taste and makes it a desired and fun experience for kids. Honey can also be added.


3] Playtime:

The most important trick is to perceive the appropriate situation to give medicines to the baby. The parents can bring about a playful event or game just around the prescribed time to feed medicines to the baby. Not letting the baby see the medicine is the desired way to get it through.


4] Use Oral Syringe:

Most of the parents opt for droppers to dispense medicine into the baby’s mouth. However, the most appropriate alternative is to discharge the liquid through an oral syringe. Also, cheeks are the most appropriate position to place the oral syringe.


5] Make The Baby Look Above:

For small infants, it is advised to make them look above while feeding them medicine. This ensures a smooth-rolling down of medicinal liquid when they wouldn’t spit it back. This can be done smartly by placing an enticing toy above the baby’s head.


6] The Control Strategy:

Children love control. Using this to benefit can help solve the problem of medicine feeding. The baby should be given the option to choose whether he or she would prefer to have medicine in a spoon or cup, through a dropper or a syringe. They would like to have it in liquid form or a solid one. This gives them a sense of choice as well.


7] Reward Them:

Bribery, in this situation, works very well without any ethical burden. A baby should be talked out in sense of having to enjoy a reward if he or she eats medicines well. This entices the child to do the undesirable through the desired motive.

Thus, as much as feeding medicines to kids seem difficult, it isn’t that challenging if proper tricks are used. These, in fact make the feeding process a joyful and desired experience.


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Written by –

Padma Lekhi