Hair Care for winter

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Haven’t all of us gone through the terrible experience of maintaining smooth and shiny hair during winter? When it comes to hair and skin care, the prospect of winter seems unbearable. However, this nightmare can be dodged if one takes essential steps towards maintenance and care of hair. These include keeping the hair hydrated, moisturized and well nourished. It also involves proper selection of products which are in favour of wellness of our hair. Listed below are some measures to ensure healthy hair in winter:


1] Egg Yolk:

Egg yolk is rich with vitamins that make our hair changes which may lead to damage. Egg yolk is also very useful in terms of hair growth. In addition, it has a nutrient which moisturises hair, ensuring its smoothness and glow. Hence, applying egg yolk, particularly on damaged parts once in a week is effective.


2] Almond Oil:

In order to avoid dryness and provide moisture to winter affected hair, applying almond oil impacts as a curative measure. In winter majorly, one is advised to massage your hair with lukewarm water. Let the oil work its benefits on the hair for around an hour before washing it off.

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3] Hair Mask:

Winter may cause dry patches on hair, making it lose its shining and alluring appearance. For making our hair retain its look, applying a hair mask is highly appropriate. Hair masks come along with a number of preferences of components. Among those, argan oil is very beneficial as is composed of Omega 3 –fatty acid and vitamin E which helps to soften hair, detangle knots, repair dryness and adds brilliant shine.

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4] Ayurvedic Tea Tree Shampoo:

Our hair is terribly vulnerable in winter because of which washing it regularly becomes annoying and a painful process. Nevertheless, this can be made effective by choosing a shampoo rich with winter-friendly benefits which is believed to be Ayurvedic tea tree shampoo. Tea Tree shampoo is a reliable solution to all your hair repair and maintenance problems. It is made with a unique blend of ayurvedic ingredients which work together to make your hair and scalp problems disappear.

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5] Almond Conditioner:

The mist brought about by conditioner aids the problem of dry and hard state of hair. For, this purpose conditioner is highly important. The moist and shine brought about by almond conditioner is highly effective for winter damage. Sweet Almonds conditioner adds strength and shine to the hair. It also smoothes hair and makes it soft and strong.

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If you are seeking healthy and strong hair for winter, you should primarily adapt and inculcate the measures and products mentioned above.


Written by -

Padma Lekhi