Fitness Goals for New Year

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The beginning of the year is always promising with newly committed resolutions. Among these, getting fit and healthy is always a listed priority. However, our experiences show that most of us fail to acquire our resolutions specifically the ones which are subjected to fitness. To ensure a healthy and fit beginning, here are some objectives and goals to achieve the ultimate goal of fitness:


1] Getting nutritionally prepared:

The first step towards being healthy and fit is to maintain a diet which is highly supplied with proteins and fibre. Besides, the fats intake, especially saturated and trans fat proportions must be brought down to lose unhealthy weight gaining nutrients. Infact, there are several special diets for the same.


2] Stay hydrated:

When you perform exercises where muscles are continuously in action, you need to be energized. This has several benefits. On one hand, water is very essential for weight loss as it is functional for the refusal of fat and waste particles from the body. On other hand, it is essential for being hydrated so that the body doesn’t wear off.


3] Make a plan:

To achieve a goal, determining the purpose and working towards it is very important. For achieving fitness, it is important to decide which days of the week you would workout at, what time, which type of exercises you would take up relating to the part of body fat you are intending to lose.


4] Getting a company:

It is advised to get a company to achieve the workout goals. This is because, an acquaintance doubles the energy, zest, enthusiasm as well as becomes a source a motivation. The person also helps in maintaining regularity and consistency of regime.


5] The S.M.A.R.T goal:

Every exercise goal must conform to the S.M.A.R.T category. Here, S stands for Specific, M stands for measurable, A stands for achievable and T stands for time. This is basically to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the mere idea of losing weight and attaining a desired body. Most of the times, we as human beings step out of our capabilities and sketch an unrealistic plan. Thus, ensuring these factors while setting up goals in attaining them with ease.


Therefore, along with all the other resolutions, for achieving fitness and a healthy being, it is necessary to conform to the above mentioned important steps.


Written by –

Padma Lekhi