Is Tonsillitis troubling you repeatedly? Opt for Homeopathy

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The tonsils are small glands located in the throat region that is composed of special tissues called lymphoid tissues. They are part of the lymphatic system. Tonsils protect the body from external infections of the respiratory and digestive tract.


What are the Causes of Tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils. It is usually caused due to a virus or bacteria. An episode of tonsillitis can be acute, recurrent or chronic.


The common signs and symptoms

There is pain in the throat. There is redness, soreness and pain on swallowing. There may be foul odour from the mouth too sometimes. This may be accompanied by fever, pus in tonsils and cough.


Role of homoeopathy in Tonsillitis

Homoeopathy is based on the principle of ‘similiasimilibus curentur’. This means that substances that produce certain symptoms in a healthy human being help cure similar symptoms in a sick patient. The basic concept of this art of healing is that all diseases are due to an aberration of the vital force of a living being. In Homeopathy the significance of a living being is more than just an array of symptoms.

Homoeopathy firmly believes in stimulating the body’s immune system to maintain the health status. Tonsils are seen as guards which protect the body from external infections. The homoeopathic system believes in activating the infection-fighting lymphoid cells in the tonsils, for the body’s own long term interest. When the tonsils are infected repeatedly, they get enlarged; however, tonsillectomy is not the solution.


Homoeopathic remedies that help in tonsillitis:


This remedy is also known as the deadly nightshade and is an extremely important remedy for treating acute tonsillitis. The patient who benefits from this remedy has a high fever with dry, hot, burning skin and icy cold feet. There is no thirst during fever. The throat is red and sore. Swallowing of liquids is difficult.

Baryta Carb:

This medicine is thought of when the inner tissues of the glands are affected. This remedy removes the susceptibility to tonsillitis. Children are both mentally and physically weak. They are unable to swallow anything but liquids. It is also useful for old people who have childish behaviour. It will eradicate the tendency to pus formation in people who have tonsillitis repeatedly.


This medicine is suitable for scrofulous children with enlarged tonsils with a honeycomb appearance.


This remedy is called as the homoeopathic antibiotic. This remedy is very useful in streptococcal throat infections. The pus has a cheesy odour. The patient is susceptible to outside weather. This little powerhouse of medicine will abort pus formation in higher potencies.


The infection goes from the left tonsil to the right. The throat is purplish in colour. There is a sense of constriction with the external throat being very sensitive to touch, so much so that the patient cannot wear tight clothes around the neck. There is a choking sensation and the collar is uneasy around the neck. The patients requiring Lachesis for tonsillitis find that liquids are more painful to swallow than solids. There is an aggravation of throat pain from warm drinks and it is better by cold drinks. It is suited to patients who are talkative, sad, melancholic, jealous and suspicious.

While homoeopathy does not produce side effects, it is important to consult your doctor before you start any of these medicines on your own.


-Written By-

Dr. Rachita Narsaria