The rainy season is back | Preventive tips for the monsoon season

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We have been talking about beating the heat with several fruits and summer tips. Meanwhile, recent rain showers have subsided the rising summer temperature. Every season brings new perks with it. We all know how romantic the cloudy aura is. Places in Mumbai like Marine drive, Bandra Worli sea link and Bandstand become a huge attraction to the crowd. This season brings such a pleasing atmosphere with windy weather, high tides, mild rain showers, serene environment and much more. Also a cup of hot tea, coffee or chocolate mesmerises a rainy day with the very first sip.

Rains are unpredictable. We might not always have an umbrella or a raincoat to withstand against the rainwater. There is a possibility that we might also get stuck somewhere going to work or heading home and it starts raining dogs and cats. Being drenched from top to bottom takes a huge toll on our skin and hair.


Wet hair from rainwater consists of a lot of chemicals and pollutants that are present in our air. It also has a lot of dust and dirt in minute particles blend in rainwater drops. The roots of the hair are damaged with the quality of scalp ruined which causes hair to fall. Hair loses its natural shine, becomes fizzy and dry during the monsoon. People experience a lot of dandruff during this season.

Long hours of staying wet in clothes, repeated, immersed feet in the contaminated rainwater causes a lot of skin problems and allergies. With the sudden change in weather some viral diseases also breakthrough. Diseases like cold and flu, water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera and hepatitis A. Mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya might take place.


Mosquitoes breed in water. During monsoon, water is clogged at many places because of which mosquito-borne diseases become viral.

Certain preventions may help you combat against these hair & skin problems and seasonal diseases.


For hair –

1.  Get drenched in rain but wash the hair off from pollutants present on the scalp from rainwater

2.  Dry the hair after shower but oil the scalp to prevent dandruff

3.  You can use SSCPL Herbals shampoos which are anti-dandruff and scalp repair. Using SSCPL Herbals conditioner after that gives complete nourishment to the hair. It helps the hair because it is infused with keratin and moringa oil. Also, a herbal substance like tea tree oil and rosemary oil.

4.  Shield the hair with a scarf or a hair band to protect from excessive moisture.


For skin –

1.  Change wet clothes as soon as possible. Keep an extra pair in a bag that you carry. Wearing wet inner wears or socks invites skin irritation. Keep your skin and feet dry and clean to avoid any possible infections like ringworms, rashes or itch.

2.  Cleanse your skin 2-3 times a day to remove excess grime and oil that can clog your pores.

3.  Use sunscreen of SPF 15. The weather may be cloudy but the UV rays are still harmful to the skin

4.  Drink more water.


For viral diseases –

1.  Drink turmeric milk in morning breakfast which boosts your immune system

2.  Drink boiled or purified water. Disease like typhoid, cholera and hepatitis A spread through contaminated water.

3.  Use Aringel mosquito repellent cream/patch to avoid mosquito bites that result in malaria, dengue etc. This is a herbal product consisting of citronella oil.

4.  Monsoon season calls for fried food like samosa, pakode with chai but they should be avoided as it causes breakouts and acne.


PS: Lastly, don’t use a leather bag. Keep a zip pouch to safeguard your phone


But no matter how troubling rainy season can get at times, we all always end up saying -

Rain! Rain! Come again and again and again!


Have a happy and healthy monsoon!


Written by –

Tarj Desai