Donating blood? Look at these things before you do it.

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Blood donation is one of the noble deeds to perform and a selfless thing an individual can offer to the society. The blood which is donated can save a life and is restored into your body without causing any health issues. But if you are considering performing this noble cause then you need to keep a few things in mind. They are: -


1. First, check your eligibility:-

You just cannot take the decision of donating blood overnight. First evaluate yourself properly. You have to be healthy, fit and need to be free from any illness.

➢ Following things are must if you have to donate blood:-

a. Age between 18 and 65 years

b. Weight more than 45 kg

c. Haemoglobin content of more than 12.5 mg%

d. 3 months should be the minimum time gap 2 successive blood donations.


➢ Do not donate blood if: -

a. You have a cold, a cold sore, cough, virus or an upset stomach. 

b. You have done dental work within 24 hours or a major dental work in the past month, as bacteria can get into the bloodstream and cause infection.


2. Gather information about Blood Donation centres: -

There are several blood donation camps held every week at several places. Check the background of the camp. Always choose a licensed blood donation centre. Donate blood only in those centres where doctors are available. Prefer Hospitals instead of blood donation camps. Choose the one which is near your house as you might feel dizzy soon after donating blood.


3. Do not go Hungry:-

Before going for blood donation, make sure you are not empty stomach. Usually, people feel dizzy and can even faint. You can have weakness in the body and may feel like vomiting. If you have taken an appointment in advance then it is advisable to consume iron-rich food such as fish, meat, grains and beans because these facilitate blood production. Keep yourself well hydrated with the intake of plenty of water and fruit juices a day prior to blood donation.


4. Do not smoke or consume alcohol: -

Remember, do not smoke and do not consume alcohol 24 hours before donating blood. Also, avoid chewing gum, candy and mints because it may seem like you have a fever and are ineligible to give blood.


5. Collect proper ID cards: -

You need to take an identity card for verification like driving license or a pan card. A blood donor card is a card that you get from the blood donation centre which will register you in their system. Your blood group and other details are mentioned on this donor card. You can either get it online or collect it from the centre itself.


6. Expect a checkup before donation: -

Self-evaluation for your eligibility and health check-up by a health professional are two different things. The health professional will check you on several aspects such as weight, haemoglobin levels, blood pressure and medical history. The blood is checked for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, malaria and HIV type 1 and type 2. If you are found positive for any of these then your blood will be discarded.


7. Don’t exert yourself after a blood donation: -

It may take 10 – 15 minutes for the entire procedure. Soon after this, you will feel dizzy and hence you are advised to not indulge in physical activities like exercising.


Remember, blood donation is a service to mankind. It will cost you nothing but it will save a life. So, do practice it.

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