Battling A Cold Or Flu? Sweet Sugar Pills Of Homeopathy Can Cure Your Ills

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If you start sneezing and have a running nose, especially after getting exposed to cold weather or eating cold food, then you know that you have caught a cold. Cold and flu are one of the commonest viral respiratory illnesses that lead to the snake-like long queues outside the doctor’s office each monsoon. At first, both cold and flu start with similar symptoms, but later on, flu can take a more severe shape.


The Commonest Symptoms Of Cold And Flu Are

1. Sneezing

2. Running nose

3. Sore throat

4. Fever

5. Cough

6. Headache

7. Body pain

8. Fatigue

9. Sometimes, nausea and vomiting



Along with medicines, resting, plenty of fluids, gargling, and steam inhalation help in speedy recovery from cold and flu.

Homoeopathy helps not only in treating the cold, but it also improves the immunity of the person by helping them fight colds in the future, reducing their frequency over due course of time.


The most commonly used homoeopathy medicines for cold and flu are as follows:

1. Arsenic Album: This remedy suits people who have thin, watery and acid-like burning nasal discharge along with a nose block. They mostly have disturbed sleep due to a stuffed up feeling in the nose. They sneeze but with no relief, and open air worsens their cold. People who require this medicine feel like staying indoors with all the doors and windows closed, which makes them feel better. Along with cold, they also get anxious and feel as if they are very sick. They become extremely weak. Thirst increases during the cold, but small sips satisfy the thirst. When there are flu-like symptoms, the face becomes pale and the person has excoriating headaches. All these symptoms indicate the use of Arsenic Album for fast recovery.


2. Arum Triphyllum: This remedy suits those who cannot even touch their nose during a cold as it becomes very sore. The severity of the cold is so high that the nasal discharges are acid-like, causing sores in the mucosal lining of the nostrils. Common symptoms, especially in children, such as nose getting blocked, facing difficulty in breathing and breathing through the mouth indicate Arum Triphyllum. There is a lot of itching, so the person continuously rubs the head and nose in the pillow. There will be large scabs high up in the nose, especially on the right-hand side. Flu symptoms may lead to throat pain and hoarseness.


3. Gelsemium: Generally, the symptoms demanding gelsemium are slow to appear. When there is a feeling that you are going to catch a cold, the head is hot, and the temperature is rising, then Gelsemium becomes the first choice of remedy. There is a constant sensation of fullness at the root of nose, and turbinates are swollen as well. The person has a running nose and a constant complaint of pain in the head, mostly at the base of the head. This remedy suits those who become dull during colds and feel better with warmth.


4. Nux Vomica: People who are very irritable because of the cold blocking the nose, especially at night, and affecting alternate nostrils are well suited for treatment withNux Vomica. The nose is mostly dry. This medicine is best for the first stage of cold. The reason for the cold is generally exposure to dampness, damp weather, or cold weather. The troublesome and indicating symptoms of a Nux Vomica patient are that they have a running nose at morning and nose blocks at night.


5. Pulsatilla: Most people who would require this remedy will have a strong complaint about loss of smell. There will be a thick, heavy discharge that is yellow in colour, especially in the morning, and the patient may have bad breath as well. They will complain of a pressing type of pain on the bridge of the nose, which indicates that Pulsatilla will help relieve them of cold. These people feel better in fresh and open air.  Associated symptoms such as reduced thirst are characteristic of Pulsatilla.

Still not sure about using homeopathy to get rid of your cold? Then consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner who will examine you thoroughly and might prescribe you one of these or another remedy to help battle your cold. Because there is never a good time to catch a cold!


Written by -

Shivani Sharma