Control your childs Video game addiction

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Be it a 10-year-old or a 20-year-old, everyone is nowadays addicted to video games. They just can’t get off their phones.

Modern video games are increasingly sensible and progressed. Some of them have negative topics, for example, viciousness and misogyny, which are probably going to have adverse effects on a young mind. Video game addiction can hamper a child’s mental health and creativity and ultimately their social development. Violent games cause children to act aggressively. Over the long haul, it can cause social detachment and forlornness in kids.

Computer game Addiction is at last perceived as a Mental Health Disorder In 2018 by WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) Three types of behaviour that define gaming addiction:
1. Impaired control over gaming (and the ability to not be gaming)
2. Increasing interest in gaming over other life priorities and interests.  
3. More time spent gaming, despite seeing the negative consequences of spending too much time gaming
Gaming addiction can be a hard habit to kick for young adults. It is, nonetheless, possible for parents to prevent their young children from becoming video gaming addicts by taking a few basic steps.


1. Set Limits of gaming

Start keeping time limits so that they don’t spend too much time gaming. Your youngster may dislike your choice; however, you must be extreme and adhere to your choice. Decide how many hours and days you want him/ her to spend playing games prior. In particular, commit one day to video gaming/ technology detox.


2. Engage in Alternative Activities

Connect with your kid in Alternative Activities, for example, reading or drawing. Take some break and urge them to accomplish something inventive or rationally animating. Have them help you with the house tasks, for example, preparing the table for supper or folding clothes. Such exercises, at the end of the day, will likewise offer you the chance to spend quality time with them.

3. Promote Outdoor Activities

Urge them to head outside and play with their companions. Frequently, computer games can be a departure for youngsters who think that its difficult to connect with individuals. The guardians must discover approaches to build up their kid's social skills from a young age.

4. Reward your Child

Make your child earn the privilege to play a video game. For example, you can allow your child to play for an hour if he or she reads a book or does a house chore. This will develop children’s time-management skills and help them prioritize activities. Moreover, they will recognize that they do not have a God-given the right to a video game. Instead, it is a privilege that should not be taken for granted.

5. Start a Conversation

The most ideal approach to keep a youngster from getting dependent on video gaming is to converse with them. Disclose to your kid the negative results of addiction. Have open communication with them so that they don’t fear to share their concerns with you. Now and again, screen your kid's gaming hours and the kind of games they play. Make sure you do not keep a personal computer in your children’s room. It should always be in a public space for you to monitor their activities.
These are some easy tips for you to follow. Try them and you will get a definite improvement in his addiction habit.

Written by -

Shivani Sharma