5 rules of healthy living

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Now that PM Modi has declared the #FitIndiaMovement everyone has taken health & fitness into consideration but before you get started you ought to know the basic rules that you need to follow.


Here are the 5 rules of healthy living

1. If You Eat Junk Food, Cook It Yourself

If you are craving for some junk food, then buy all the ingredients in their natural form and prepare it at home. For example, you can make fries at home, pizza and a lot more such dishes. When you cook food at home, you can control what goes into each dish. As not many of us use chemical preservatives in dishes we prepare ourselves. Also, avoid pre-packaged foods and sold in a can, box, or plastic container, they can be bad for you.


2. Eat a Variety of Different Foods

Each type of food ingredient that exists in nature has its nutritional value. When we eat different types of foods, we are more likely to get all the nutrients we need to be healthy.


3. Get Your Annual Checkup

An annual check-up is a must; it helps you know your body better and it’s a great preventive check-up

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4. Exercise

Add in at least 30 minutes of physical activity into every day. Make sure to incorporate activities that include endurance (biking, walking), flexibility (yoga, golf) and strength (weight training). For women, exercise must include an intense resistance component and not just a cardio focus. This is important for osteoporosis prevention, boosting metabolism and facing the daily challenges presented by life.


5. Sleep well and on time

Your every fitness routine would fall under properly only if you get enough rest and you sleep on time, get up on time. Make a healthy sleep pattern and you are good to go. The best measure is how you feel when you wake up. If your insomnia is persistent, talk to your doctor, as a medical condition or the medications you’re taking may be affecting your rest.


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Written by -

Shivani Sharma