This is why you should always carry tissue with you!

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In India, we all know how bad the humidity levels are. We are left drenched in sweat and those sweaty patches can be awkward. That is why it's recommended to always carry a handkerchief or tissues. But still, you might need either of these is when you catch a cold or flu. Ever wondered which one would be the best for you?

Whose your skin’s favourite, tissues or a handkerchief?

The primary reason why doctors recommend using tissues, particularly when you are sick, is a result of a specific component. Tissues can trap germs and microscopic organisms. So when you clean out your nose into it or wipe your sweat, it doesn't enable the germs to spread. What's more, another explanation is that you discard the tissues directly after use. So there is negligible contact between the sweat/ phlegm and your hands.

Similarly, you won’t leave traces of pathogens on all that you contact and they won't come into contact with another person's skin.

Tissue can your skin's favourite because they frequently accompany satisfying aromas that quickly rejuvenate your skin when it has been depleted by the sun.

While hankies shouldn't be utilised when you will be out throughout the day and sweating buckets. When you pat your face or arms dry with a hanky, you crease it and promptly stuff it once more into your pack or pockets. That implies the hanky doesn't get an opportunity to evaporate. Through the span of the day, the dampness makes the germs develop and when you use it once more, the germs will be move on to your skin. Utilising a hanky, over and over, is particularly destructive when you’ve caught a cold. 



It would be best if you start using tissues over handkerchiefs as they can be unsanitary sometimes and could make you open to illnesses.

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Written by -

Shivani Sharma