Heres why the dinner should always be light

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“Breakfast should be like a Prince, Lunch like King & Dinner like a Pauper” We all have heard this proverb but never followed when it comes to dinner. The logic here is simple, our body works on principle of demand and supply. During the day when we are more active we require more energy and less when we are not active. As our day comes to an endour activity level goes low (unless you work in night shifts). We really don’t require so much energy when we’re going to relax post-dinner and ultimately sleep.

Having a lighter dinner aids digestion and helps you better utilise the nutrients. In order to avoid unnecessary fat & weight gain, it is advisable to have a 2-hour gap before you sleep.

You have to fix a routine so that you don’t eat excessively and you get the right nutrients needed. We have a few points for you to keep in mind.


The benefits of having a lighter dinner

• Good for digestion and induces good sleep.

• You will be able to get up fresh the next morning

• Helps in faster gut clearing

• Great for fat & weight loss

• Reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases like type II Diabetes, Hypertension, High cholesterol etc.

• Reduces PCOD & Hypothyroidism effects

• Enhances metabolism

The ideal time to have your dinner is near 6.30 – 7.00 pm. If it’s too early for you then you can split it into two small meals. Have evening meal between 5-7 pm. When you feel hungry post-lunch. Have Roti/ Rice/ Bhakri/ Whole wheat bread etc. which is carbohydrate-based for the first meal. Keep lighter part for the next one. That is 8-10 pm. Your dinner should be on low carb more in proteins & fibres to prevent excess calories and to get proteins for muscle building throughout the night, fibres will help in gut clearing.


Here are a few options that you can try -

Proteins: Eggs/ Chicken/ Paneer/ Dal/ Sprouts/ Usal/ Curds/ Yogurts/ Soya/ Tofu mixed with Fibres: soups salads, stir-fried veggies, raita, raw veggies etc.

You can keep it as simple as curd rice, Khichdi-Kadhi etc. But, watch the carbohydrate quantity. Don’t eat fruits as they contain fructose which is a simple sugar. If later you feel hungry then have a glass of turmeric milk (Haldi ka doodh) with few nuts.

Make sure about the points mentioned about and always remember, don’t compromise on your health. You can eat at your respective timings. But, make sure you eat right.


PS – This article is mainly for patients of weight loss & fat loss. This may not be appropriate for growing children, teenagers, underweight people, people with medical conditions.


For a healthy eating regime, consult our diet expert Miss Belly.


Written by –

Padma Lekhi