Motion sickness? Eat these as you travel

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“Mausam mastana, rasta anjana “, you keep murmuring this song as you happily enjoy the moment but ohoh! Suddenly Motion sickness strikes! Isn’t it relatable? Well, motion sickness can be a great hurdle when you have to travel. It can upset the stomach, and you may feel nauseous and woozy but we got some solutions packed for you. Below we have listed 7 nourishments that can be lifesaving when you travel. Have a look!



Ginger has characteristics that may help control nausea. It can facilitate the bothering of the stomach & provide quick relief. Have a go at having ginger tea, soda or sweet or you can pound a tbsp of ginger, blend it in high temp water and drink which will enable you to move beyond that squeamish inclination viably.



Peppermint is another conventional cure used to treat motion sickness? Both its leaves and its oil help deal with indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome, according to a study, the aroma of peppermint oil can ease nausea. You can have it as a tea for good taste and results.



Nourishments that are high in starch settle a nauseous stomach. The insipid taste of crackers with high starch stays away from motion sickness. It's additionally a smart thought to keep a bunch of crackers with yourself while you are voyaging and eat at whatever point you feel hungry. Additionally, snack those saltines with some cold water for best results.



Cardamom is a successful solution for this. Bite 1 or 2 cardamom seeds as it will change the taste that will help relieve the spewing sensation.



Nuts are protein-pressed and will recharge your exhausted vitality, keeping queasiness under control. Be that as it may, you ought to have it in modest quantities.



Nibble on a banana on the off chance that you feel dehydrated and sick. Bananas can help re-establish potassium, which is regularly exhausted because of diarrhoea & vomiting. It additionally has a decent measure of starch in it.



Water keeps you hydrated. Taking little tastes of plain water will do likewise and stay away from the headaches that regularly go with the feeling of nausea. Start by gradually drinking minor sums and don't drink a lot as it will exacerbate the condition.


Written by -

Meena Kumari