Easy exercises to slow Parkinson's Disease

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Not many people are aware of Parkinson’s disease. It is the 2nd most common neurodegenerative disorder caused by the deterioration of motor function due to the death of brain cells that make an important chemical called dopamine. Without dopamine, voluntary movement is impossible.

Individuals living with PD experience dynamic loss of muscle control prompting tremors in the limbs and head while inactive; stiffness; slowness and impaired balance. When symptoms gradually grow, talking, walking or even completing a simple task becomes difficult. Some other symptoms are anxiety, depression and dementia.
For a healthy lifestyle, exercising is important. Similarly, for people with Parkinson's disease (PD), they need to exercise to sustain balance, mobility and daily living activities, along with a likely positive neuroprotective effect.

Exercise for Parkinson's Disease

Exercises depend upon how limiting the symptoms of a PD patient is. In all cases, the exercise should focus on three areas:
• Flexibility and stretching
• Aerobic, also known as cardio
• Resistance or using the muscles against opposing force

Many different types of exercise involve all three of these areas. These exercises include:
• Tai chi
• Yoga
• Cycling
• Skipping
• Running
• Pilates
• Dancing

Keep the following points in your mind –

• Exercise in a standard way. While specialists recommend practising for an hour daily, 3 or 4 times each week is adequate.

• All types of activity are valuable. Start with short strolls around your home or in your building.

• Formal Parkinson's activity program tends to different aspects of wellness including quality, balance, coordination, suppleness and stamina.

• Consult your doctor or a physical advisor who comprehends Parkinson's illness.

Exercise routinely in a protected way, exercise shouldn't harm you. Know what your body limits are.

Consult a doctor or a therapist before getting started.

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Written by -

Meena Kumari