Heres how Dark circles affect your overall health

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Do people often comment that your look exhausted & tired? Put the blame on those dark circles. Even after sleeping enough, they can stick around & make people stare at you for no reason and they also make you look much older than you really are.

The rate of women getting cosmetic treatment has increased due to Dark circles and it’s a major concern these days.

What causes dark circles?

It's a mix of heredity and hereditary qualities, exhaustion and lack of hydration, yet in all probability chronic dark circles are caused due to excess skin pigmentation which happens in light of ethnic variety for Indian populace.

Additionally, dark circles are identified with dilated blood vessels and ageing – which makes skin slim and can obscure the territory. Shockingly, to eradicate them totally is absurd. Be that as it may, you can limit the effects by knowing their causes, discovering great arrangements and picking the right products as per the need.


How to treat them?

1) Protection: A sunscreen is necessary on a daily basis.Use an SPF 30. A moisturizer as a base and a concealer can also be used to cover up as a protective layer (camouflage + protection) as sun exposure increases the chances of dark circles.

2) Diet changes: In case, the puffy eyes plan to join along then you can reduce them by reducing your salt intake.

3) Avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible as it can prompt the dark circles to grow.

4) Use of eye brightening serums every night will help in reducing the lines around the eyes and eventually helps in fading the dark circles.

5) Start drinking chamomile tea and keep the tea bags in the refrigerator to chill. After an hour place them over your eyes for 10 minutes, do this three times a week. They are one of the best mom’s remedies fighting tiredness.

6) If you are unable to treat them at home then consult a dermatologist on Medicalwale.com and get yourself treated quickly.


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Written by -

Meena Kumari