An Anusual survivor story of Anu Aggarwal

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She cried but she didn’t understand it until the point when her mom strikingly said that she was crying.  She hasn’t felt a teardrop in many years and when she did, the flow turned into tears of joy. All in all, what is it about a drop of tear that was making this woman so glad?

The woman is Anu Aggarwal — who made the Indians skip their heartbeat when Rahul Roy took her inside his jacket on a rainy night, like how can we forget the most iconic scene from Aashiqui (1990), exactly 29 years ago. This movie gave her huge stardom but a few years later, she suddenly disappeared from Bollywood and she the same girl who cried her heart out on the screen when her father didn’t allow her to meet her boyfriend in Aashiqui so what happened that she didn’t cry for decades?

Much later in 1999, she came back in the news when she was nearly killed in a car accident and she was in the coma for 29 days at a stretch and then she had broken 29 bones in her body. The mishap was severe to the point that a part of her body including a part of her face was paralysed.

Had it been any other individual, the person in question would have most likely felt that life couldn't have been more merciless however the accident brought forth a completely new Anu Aggarwal.

It is a story of survival against such chances that seemed outlandish at first.

Anu Aggarwal was driving home from a gathering on a stormy night in Mumbai, India, in 1999 when her vehicle ran off the street, flipping and crashing into a sand hill. The disaster area left the then-30-year-old Bollywood star's vehicle totaled, her body broken in no less than twelve spots.

Nine out of 10 individuals in her condition don’t survive, "I'm sufficiently lucky to be a miracle says Aggarwal, presently 50, who invested a very long time in recovery relearning how to perform the basic daily functions. "I went out the most recent night [before my accident] not realizing that I wouldn't return to that house for a few months, and when I did in the long run return, I wouldn't realize the house was mine, or I wouldn't know my name, or my mom, or that we were on a planet and what that implies," Aggarwal says.

From the late 1980s to 1995, Aggarwal was one of the most brilliant youthful Bollywood stars in Bombay however from the earliest starting point, she says, she felt awkward in the spotlight.

“When I was at the peak of my career, I was materially richest but that was emotionally the poorest time in my life she says. “I had never known that kind of unhappiness before in my life.

“That’s where the purge began — what was real,” she explains. “At that time I started saying, ‘Who is Anu? I don’t know who she is anymore.’ ”

So she wrapped up her last picture and made a total separation, she travelled all over the world for 2 years until the point when she arrived at an ashram back home in India in 1997. She learned yoga full time at the ashram for the following two years, studying yoga poses, breath and ancient writings. She thought she had turned her life around.

After she completes her yoga studies she left the ashram and after months she met with an accident. “I’m a firm believer in the fact that there’s a time [for everything] and things happen as they are meant to happen,” Aggarwal says. “This accident was just pushing me forward to get me to my real purpose in life.”

Her recuperation was severe. When she was out of her trance state, her body needed to mend itself from a broken collarbone ruptured bladder and cracked ribs, among different wounds. Following quite a while of bed rest, she started to treat herself with yoga, beginning by wiggling her toes. For her recovery she has given yoga the complete credits, it was a 3-year process.

Her mental recovery was much increasingly uncommon — the mishap had eradicated her long haul memory. “I had a brain bleed and a skull fracture. I had gone completely blank; I didn’t have a past,” she says. “I started life all over again, like a child. For me, it was like discovering Anu.” She calls the life she’s lived since the accident her “second life,” and to know what her life was earlier, she read journals.

In the year 2015, Anu Aggarwal launched her book - Anusual" Memoir of a Girl Who Came Back from the Dead. It’s a story of her life. The fascinating story of her self-discovery, a near-death experience and amazing recovery in her autobiography.


She’s finally found happiness, she says, in working for others. “It’s not like I’m saying, ‘I’m going to better the world.’ That’s too lofty of a goal,” she says.

“Instead I’m saying, ‘What more can I do than I have done?’ ”


Written By -

Shivani Sharma